One-Stop Marine & Offshore Supplier
One-Stop Marine & Offshore Supplier
One-Stop Marine & Offshore Supplier

Phoenix Offshore Co., Ltd.

Phoenix Offshore Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based ship and offshore supplier. We are a subsidiary of the public listed company Gaylin Holdings, in Singapore.
We have created a one-stop supply solution for our customers, providing a wide range of marine/offshore equipment, spares for deck, engine,
cabin and galley, bonded items, provisions, general consumables and rental services, as well as heavy lifting gear and rigging hardware.

We manufacture and supply (Stockists). With our wide range of products, services, our commitment to our customers and professionalism,
we are able to reach your most demanding requirements.

Our global network allows us to assist you in Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and Europe.

Customers’ satisfaction is our must. To meet our customers’ most demanding requirements is our mission.
No efforts are spared to offer you quality excellence, exceptional services and competitive prices.