Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Gaylin recognises that Health, Safety, Security and care of the Environment are integral parts of our business processes.

The Company is committed to the highest levels of HSE performance, complying fully with all relevant HSE legal requirements, standards, guidance and codes of practice.

In order to satisfy the statement above, and ensure cost effective, continuous improvement in our level of performance, the company shall maintain a documented HSE Management System and shall also:

  • Provide adequate resources to ensure the implementation of the activities outlined in this policy statement;
  • Ensure that all HSE risks and hazards, are eliminated, combated or minimised;
  • Prevent accidents and work related ill health;
  • Provide and maintaining the required environmental & infrastructure for the welfare of employees;
  • Set and achieve internal health, safety, security and environmental objectives;
  • Place the management of HSE as a prime responsibility of all personnel throughout the whole Gaylin organisation;
  • Involve all employees in communication, participation & consultation on relevant HSE activities, through appointed HSE Representatives, and thus gain staff commitment to this policy;
  • Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision for employees to enable them to carry out their tasks competently and safely;
  • Ensure all visitors or public members are safeguarded from hazardous operations and/or environmental hazards;
  • Provide & maintain compatible waste management systems to control the following:
    • Design to produce no waste, Re-use, Recycle, Dispose correctly;
    • Carry out periodic reviews of the HSE management system to ensure continued improvement and compliance;
    • Provide all employees with an understanding of this policy, and their responsibilities in controlling and improving performance, by various means such as verbally, notice boards and memos.