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Samson Ropes

Samson Ropes

Samson has been the leader in high-performance rope manufacturing since its inception in 1878.

For well over 100 years, Samson has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes. Today, Samson continues to pioneer the use of new fiber technology and the development of innovative coatings and constructions to produce synthetic ropes with unprecedented performance characteristics. From vessel mooring lines, to high strength towlines, heavy lift slings, subsea winch-lines and accessory slings, as well as customized solutions for unique subsea installation applications, Samson offers high-performance solutions designed to provide long-term value that meet the growing needs of these marine industries.

High Strength Rope

    A high-performance 12-strand single braid of 100% Dyneema® SK-75 fiber, AmSteel®-Blue yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, and is stronger than the same sized wire rope construction.

  • TURBO-75

    Turbo 75 has the firmness and low stretch of wire yet is only 1/6 the weight. The durable turbo Dyneema® fiber braided jacket is very cut and abrasion resistant and protects the strength member 12-Strand single braid Dyneema® fiber core.


    Quantum 8 – the latest solution provided by Samson – was developed to meet customer requests for a light-weight, high-strength, torque-free rope that can float and grip a winch or capstan. Lighter.

  • DPX-75

    A jacketed Dyneema® fiber 12-Strand braided core offering the highest resistance to abrasion, cutting and wear. The fuzzy DPX® jacket is a proprietary blend of Dyneema® fiber and polyester.

  • QUANTUM-12

    Quantum-12 is the latest addition in the continuing development of products utilizing Samson’s exclusive patented DPX fiber technology. Much like Quantum-8, Quantum-12 is a light-weight, high-strength.

    Super Strong Spools

    A double braid of high tenacity nylon fiber treated with Pro-Gard marine finish. This firm but flexible product maximizes wet wear life and strength due to the Pro-Gard marine finish.


    NEUTRON-8 is the best all-round rope made with Dyneema®, direct replacement for wire ropes proven to reduce tug assist and mooring costs.

  • P-12 SSR-1200
    P-12 Ssr-1200

    12-Strand firm construction with a total compound yarn construction in each strand with yarns of 100% premium polyester wrapped over Ultra Blue fiber. Product has a Pro-Gard marine finish

Innovation Chafe Protection
    • Dynalene
    • Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning
    • Light weight/Floats
    • Easy inspection without removing
    • Excellent durability
    • Field repairable
    • Made with Dyneema
    • Dc Gard
    • Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning
    • Light and flexible, floats
    • Can be removed for rope inspection
    • Cut resistant
    • Superior durability
    • Made with Dyneema
    • Dc Moor-Gard
    • Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning
    • Light and flexible, floats
    • Can be removed for rope inspection
    • Cut resistant
    • Superior durability
    • Made with Dyneema
    • Technolene
    • Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning
    • Excellent heat resistance for high heat
    • Enviroment/Applications
    • Easy to inspect without removing
    • Excellent durability and cut resistance
    • Made with Dyneema
High Performance Ropes TIPTO-EIGHT®

Lankhorst 1

The well known high performance mooring rope. Its strength, abrasion resistance and energy absorption ensure a long life-time and economical purchase. The small diameter and low weight make the handling on board easier. As Tipto Eight® is floating, the risk of getting the rope into the ship and tug propeller is minimal, avoiding costly downtime.

High Performance Ropes TIPTO-EIGHT

  • Specific Gravity 0,93
    UV-Resistance Very Good
    Abrasion Resistance Very Good
    Chemical resistance Good
  • elongation see graph
    melting point approx. 140oC
    construction 8-strand plaited
    tcll value 70,7%
  • colour yellow
    marker yarn orange
    waterabsorption 0%
High Performance Ropes EUROFLEX®

Lankhorst 2

The continuing industry demand for mooring and towing ropes with higher strength AND smaller diameter, has produced Euroflex®. Its excellent handling properties, continuing softness and flexibility combined with its high energy absorption and abrasion resistance, make the Euroflex® one of the best ropes available today for mooring and towing purposes, for both shipping and offshore operations.

High Performance Ropes EUROFLEX

  • Specific Gravity 1,14
    UV-Resistance good
    Abrasion Resistance very good
    Chemical resistance good
  • elongation see graph
    melting point approx. 165oC/265oC
    construction 8-strand plaited
    tcll value 79,6%
  • colour white
    marker yarn yellow
    waterabsorption <0,5%
D. Koronakis
Kapa Mooring Ropes Weaved 24 Strand of Mixed Materials
  • Kapa Mooring Ropes Weaved 24 Strand of Mixed Materials
    • Ropes that are recommended in OCIMF guidelines to serve on OBO'S-OOC'S, TSH'S-ULCC'S and GC'S in a most effective way.

      These ropes are weaved as 12 twill strands (24), the machines having 24 carries that rotate in pair around each other to construct a round cross section rope. In this construction polyester is combined with high density polyolefin flat filaments in three variations, in order to meet the different needs customers have.

      The three analogies depand on the polyester percentage that take 25%-40% and 50% giving the rest to the polyolefin that filaments construct the "Kapa float - Kapa flex and Kapa strong" respectively.

      All three constructions have the same features, more or less, apart from the specific gravity that is different depending on the amount of polyester it contains - 0.99 for the Kapa float, 1.10 for the Kapa flex, 1.15 for the Kapa strong.

  • Kapa Mooring Ropes Weaved 24 Strand of Mixed Materials
    • Common Features
    • Same strength, wet or dry
    • Made extremely resistant to abrasion and with almost nullified inner friction
    • Withstanding perfectly Dynamic loads
    • The very good properties it possesses extend the activity/working life of the rope by far
    • Comfortable handing and flexibility are retained even after extensive and long time use
    • U.V. stabilized
    • High melting point 265°C/185°C
    • Elongation 12%
    • Non rotating torque free, hangs stright under load
    • Non kinking, non hockling
    • Excellent grip

Kapa Mooring Ropes 12 and 24 Strand (TWILL)
  • Kapa Mooring Ropes 12 and 24 Strand (TWILL)
    • KAPA Ropes: the Koronakis worldwide innovation. Designed by our company, a new rope was invented to combine the advantages of 8 - Strand and Double Braided ropes. Safe and easily spliced KAPA is a well accepted construction that very quickly conquered the marine world.

      The Kapa Nylon, the Kapa Polyester and the Kapa Pelagos is a catergory of ropes thought with the user in mind, the crew member that makes the splices and above all the increased safety factor. By minimum elongation the snap bock danger zone is decreased significantly to the ropes with a round cross section. A lot more yarns participate in the rope function giving better results compared to the respective 8 strand that has a square cross section.

      These ropes have stormed the market, they have made a name for themselves, "Kapa". More and more companies are preferring them to the old 8-strand ones. The Kapa Pelagos is constructed with the appropriate raw materials of needed analogies, in such a way so to meet the needs of the passengers vessels and in particular those of the fast ferries that use their ropes very often, to moor along the same berths, so that rpes take the stain in the same positions of their length - time and again. These ropes are made to withstand abrasion and last.

  • Kapa Mooring Ropes 12 and 24 Strand (TWILL)
    • Common Features
    • Non rotating, torque free, hands straight under load
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • Non kinking, non hockling
    • Excellent grip 5. longer service life (estimated lifetime 1:2, 25)
    • Stay flecible, wet or dry, new or old
    • Greater bearing surface
    • Comfortable handing